A link shortener.

This web service uses the golink crate to resolve short links into long URLs. This means you can use the following functionality while building links:

Predictable normalization

Case and hyphenation are both normalized when resolving links. This means that jil.im/My-Link and jil.im/mylink will both resolve to the same URL.

Path appending

If you append a path to a short link, it will be appended to the long URL. For example, if jil.im/foo resolves to https://example.com, then jil.im/foo/bar/baz?25 will resolve to https://example.com/bar/baz?25.


Using a simple templating language, your long URLs can powerfully place remaining path segments in your URL ad-hoc and provide a fallback value when there are no remaining path segments. For example, if your mapping function returns for the given shortlink prs the following URL:

https://github.com/pulls?q=is:open+is:pr+review-requested:{{ if path }}{ path }{{ else }}@me{{ endif }}+archived:false

then jil.im/prs will resolve to the URL to all Github PRs to which you are assigned:


and jil.im/prs/jameslittle230 will resolve to the URL to all Github PRs to which the user jameslittle230 is assigned:


Why jil.im?

jil are my initials. This was the first two-letter TLD I found that had jil available as a domain name.